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Submitted by jimloseke on Sun, 2022-04-24 07:04
Saturday, Apr 23, 2022 - 12:30pm
Christy's Landing Bar & Grill - Madison, WI.
The first warm and sunny (but very windy) April day following a long Wisconsin winter was enjoyed by 23 members of our club on Saturday at Christy's Landing Bar & Grill along the shores of Lake Waubesa in Madison. Good company, nice weather, great conversation and trading Mercedes Benz stories among the members over lunch followed by visiting and admiring our beloved Mercedes cars in the parking lot made for a very fun day. Members as far away as Rhinelander, Green Bay and Kenosha were in attendance.
Members were finally able to get their Mercedes out of winter hibernation and show them off. Enjoy the photos provided to see for yourself the nice variety of Mercedes vehicles that were on hand at this event. Feedback from the guests indicated that everyone had a great time as they had been looking forward to getting their cars back out on the road for the upcoming summer season.
A very long lasting friendship among members is made and cherished over many years, and we continue to welcome new members and Mercedes Benz enthusiasts. We thank all of our guests who participated in this event and look forward to seeing them all again soon at the future club events in 2022.
Mo Afshar