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Submitted by jimloseke on Wed, 2022-03-02 10:03
Sunday, Feb 13, 2022 - 11:00am

Twenty-two members and guests of the Wisconsin Section enjoyed great weather and good food at our February 13th Valentine’s Drive-to-Dine at the Copper Dock restaurant in Hubertus. 

Members began gathering before 11:00 a.m. and we enjoyed the Copper Dock’s Sunday brunch in their private dining room.  In spite of the Copper Dock’s perennially overly tight seating that forced Gary & Jeananne Bargholz to sit at their own “VIP” table, (ref pic 2893 with Dean Pearson) everyone enjoyed great conversation, fellowship and lots of Gemütlichkeit.  And judging by the number of repeat trips through the hot food, salad and dessert lines (this writer included) everyone appeared to get enough to eat.

Members travelled from as far away as Oshkosh, Green Bay and Janesville, with the Habeck’s (ref pic 2902) from Rhinelander travelling the furthest.  Wayne and his wife were en route to the east coast to take delivery of an SLS Gullwing to compliment their SLS roadster (ref pic image0.jpg).  Look for a future The Journey article on Wayne’s quest.

The weather was crisp, the skies sunny with no snow as we departed, wishing each other a safe drive and hopes of seeing each other at future events (ref pic 2908).  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in February.

Bruce & Deb Hamilton