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I hope everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving holiday!

This issue marks the final edition of the Badger Star for 2022.  It also marks the end of Bailey Hansen’s tenure as our newsletter editor.  Bailey has been our editor for the last five years, 2018-2022, and I want to open these remarks by thanking Bailey for all her hard work during her tenure.  She has been a delight to work with and leaves big shoes to fill. 

Next I would like to thank John Ledbury who is stepping down from the Board of Directors.  John has served on the Board since 2017.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who organized our 2022 events:

Frank & Cathy Lubinski

Mo & Zhaleh Afshar

Dick & Nancy Kusch

Nancy & Dean Pearson

John Ledbury

Bernd & Christine Kampe

JoAnne Peterson



Without their efforts there would not have been any Section events in 2022, so please remember to thank these folks the next time you see them.

Club Financial Statements

On the last page of this newsletter you will find a summarized statement of cash receipts and disbursements covering the period from January 1, 2021 until November 20, 2022.  This represents the period since the MBCA National office suspended support payments to the Sections.  During this period of time your Section’s cash reserves have dropped by approximately $2,800.

A brief history:  Prior to 2021, your Section received periodic support payments from MBCA National.  These support payments were designed to help the Section carry out its services to Section members.  They were suspended when Mercedes-Benz corporate stopped their support of all Mercedes-Benz enthusiast clubs world-wide.

Since January 21, 2021 your Section has received no financial support from our National organization.  The January 21 support covered the month of December 2020.  That means the Section has had virtually no source of income to support our Section’s activities for almost two years.

As soon as we were notified of the termination of support payments, your Board took action to cut costs and operate the Section as frugally as possible.

Among other actions, the Section eliminated a number of things we used to be able to do, such as:

Send a printed newsletter to anyone who wanted one.  Now only those members without an email address receive a paper copy of the Badger Star.

Eliminated subsidizing the cost of member events

Eliminated door prizes at events

Even with these and other cost-cutting measures, our financial situation is beginning to look less than ideal.  Given forecasted future expenditures, without new funding your Section could run out of money in approximately 2 years.

National has not given any indication of when, or even if, the support payments will resume.  With that in mind, your board is looking into ways to bolster our finances.  If you have an idea or suggestion, we want to know about it!  Please share it with me or any of our board members.

Event Updates

Over the last two months your Section has enjoyed three great events, culminating with our Christmas Party & Annual Meeting.  Read about each of them elsewhere in this newsletter.  All were so popular that we’ll be doing them again in 2023; more about that later.

2023 Events

Planning for 2023 events is well under way, and a number of events already have firm dates and venues. 

Our first event of the New Year will be our 5th annual Valentine’s Drive-to-Dine, set for February 12th at the Fox & Hounds in Hubertus.  See the event details and reservation information elsewhere in this newsletter.

Other confirmed events include our Break in the Weather D-2-D April 29th, a June 4th car show at The Corners of Brookfield, a return to Gus’s Drive in for a Drive-to-Dine September 9th, and the September 24th Oktoberfest & Car Show at Dheinsville Historical Park.  Other events are planned, and all are listed on the event calendar elsewhere in this newsletter.

We are always looking for event ideas and suggestions.  Don’t be shy; contact any board member if you have a suggestion or idea.  We want to hear from you!!  Thinking about hosting an event but concerned about the work involved?  There are lots of folks willing to help or co-host an event.

Remember, events don’t happen without someone stepping up and hosting.

Membership Matters

Congratulations to our new members, and all those celebrating membership milestones and anniversaries.  They are all listed elsewhere in this newsletter.

Sponsoring a New Member Adds 1 Free Month of Membership to You!

Speaking of membership, did you know that you receive one FREE month of MBCA membership for each new member you sponsor?  All the details can be found on the MBCA website at

Thank you to each and every one of you for being a member of the Wisconsin Section.  It’s you, our members who make this Section successful.  I look forward to seeing all of you in person at an upcoming event.

I close these remarks by wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas! and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2023!

Best regards,


Bruce Hamilton

[email protected]

Bruce Hamilton