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President's message Oct - Nov 21

President's message Oct - Nov 21


I cannot believe that I am writing remarks for the October – November issue of the Badger Star!  Time has been flying past, and in spite of the warm weather now it will soon be cool & crisp outside, with some of us putting our beloved Benz to bed for the winter.

We had several successful events since our last issue.  Look elsewhere in this issue for the reviews of our participation in the August 7th German–American Day at Carl Schurz Park, our D-2-D at the Horse & Plow in Kohler, our impromptu D-2-D September 18th, our trip to the Fall Vintage Races at Road America September 19th, and our Oktoberfest celebration September 24th.

Upcoming Events

We are partnering with the Porsche & Jaguar Clubs for a Three Marque Photo Rallye on October 3rd.  Given the closeness of that date to the cut-off date for this issue, we sent out eblasts about the event in lieu of a promotional piece in this issue.  October 30th is our new-to-the-schedule Halloween Drive-2-Dine at the Crossover Cantina in Waterford.  More details about this event can be found elsewhere in this issue. 

Our last 2021 event will be our Christmas Party and Annual Meeting.  Look for event details and the reservation form in this newsletter. 

We know a lot of you like to get together at a tech session.  Unfortunately, none of the dealers or independent MB shops in our area expressed an interest in holding a tech session right now.  Hopefully we can get one on the 2022 calendar. 

Be sure and check out our schedule of upcoming events for all the details on upcoming events.

Looking ahead, we are already working on the 2022 event calendar.  The first event will be our 4th annual Valentine’s Drive-to-Dine tentatively scheduled for sometime during the weekend of February 11th – February 13th.

If you have an idea for an event or a venue, be it a Drive-to-Dine, a Cars & Coffee, a tech session or something more elaborate, please mention it to one of your board members!  Events don’t happen without people getting involved and new faces and new ideas are always needed.

Advertisers Wanted

If you know of a business that would be a good fit as an advertiser to Wisconsin Section members, don’t hesitate to mention the Badger Star to them, and please forward their information along to any of our board members.

2021 Board Member Selection

Mo Afshar, whose bio you can read elsewhere in the newsletter, is our newest board member, and will begin his term January 1, 2022.  The remaining candidates were all incumbents running for re-election, and without any other interest shown in serving on the Section’s Board of Directors, no election will be held.

Mo replaces Kyle Mahan who moved from Wisconsin to another state.  I want to thank both Kyle and his wife for all of their efforts while members of the Wisconsin Section.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being a member of the Wisconsin Section.  It’s our members who make this Section successful.  I hope to see all of you in person at an upcoming event.

I close these remarks on a much more somber note.  Heinz Dinkelmann, one of our long time and very active members, passed away in August.  Heinz’ obituary appears in this newsletter.

Bruce Hamilton