Wisconsin Section

German American parade, Carl Schurz Park

German American parade, Carl Schurz Park

Saturday, August 7, 2021 - 12:00pm

Wisconsin Section Participates in German-American Day Celebrations

Saturday, August 7th

Carl Schurz Park

Twenty-Six members and guests of the Wisconsin Section participated in the opening parade at German-American Day August 7th at Carl Schurz Park in Hartland.

The parade started at noon, but most folks arrived much earlier than that.  After park staff directed us to where we lined up for the parade, people got out and started visiting and catching up, some heading to the Biergarten for a cold one.

Led by a Waukesha sheriff’s vehicle with lights flashing and Carl Schurz Park dignitaries, members drove their 12 Mercedes and two other convertibles in the parade as it wound around the drive through Carl Schurz Park.  People were everywhere and crowded the parade route, so parade vehicles had to be cautious and not run into or over those celebrating.

At the conclusion of the parade we were all parked in an area reserved just for us, and members were free to join in the festivities or head home early.

It was interesting to note that Mercedes-Benz was the only German marque in the parade; the exception being of one of our member’s Audi Cabriolet.

The weather wasn’t exactly co-operative, with very high humidity and a strong thunderstorm that rolled through about 1:45.  In spite of this, everyone had a great time and expressed a desire to do it again next year.

We’re already working on events at Carl Schurz Park in 2022!