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Submitted by jimloseke on Wed, 2021-06-02 12:06
Sunday, May 16, 2021 - 11:00am

Scheduling club events has often had a touch of mystery surrounding the selection of location and event date. Will others like the choices and attend? And will the weather cooperate? The concept of a mystery drive-to-dine (D2D) added another variable since would-be participants also wouldn’t know where they were going or the route that they would take. So began the first annual Mystery D2D event for our club.


Dean & Nancy selected a restaurant with a full Sunday brunch, safely offered with precautions, for self-service. A generic starting point was selected within a 30 minute  drive radius that could also have led to several other popular restaurant locations. The stage was set. All that was needed were hungry sleuths with a penchant for a little suspense. Unlike most D2D’s, this one required advance registration to accommodate the busy restaurant.  So, members gathered in a Hartland parking lot before 11 a.m. on this  mild and sunny Sunday morning. Some talk ensued speculating on the destination. When all were gathered, we departed to the west, then north, then east on lesser travelled roads in our caravan of stars. After going through Merton we went north to Plat. (Who’s heard of that?) Later comments confirmed that talk of the uncertain destination was common in most cars on the journey. The further we travelled the more the possible destinations were reduced. The route took roads less travelled, yet scenic, undulating and sometimes curvy. Our caravan had no trouble staying together. Then the final turn at the sign for our destination. The full breakfast/lunch brunch was enjoyed by all, along with stimulating conversation to solve the country’s problems mixed with vehicle maintenance tips and more. It was a wonderful relief from pandemic talk.


Ironically, our member who suggested the event was not among the attendees. Those that accepted the challenge seemed to appreciate the drive and the brunch reward. Perhaps you will join in next time. Thank you to all the participants!


Dean & Nancy Pearson