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President's Message Jun - July 2021

President's Message Jun - July 2021


I write these remarks for the June-July issue of the Badger Star shortly after our May 15th visit to Road America and the May 16th Mystery Drive-to-Dine.  Read about these events and our inaugural Cars & Coffee event in Wausau that was held May 8th elsewhere in this newsletter. 

With the last remnants of the pandemic thankfully fading into history, the next few months bring a number of Wisconsin Section events. 

Our Summer Picnic will be July 10th at Carl Schurz Park in Hartland.  The reservation form is elsewhere in this newsletter and has all the details.  August 21st we are headed to the Horse & Plow located in Lodge Kohler in Kohler WI.  We are working on a D-2-D to Siebkens Resort and their famous Stop-Inn Tavern in Elkhart Lake, and efforts are underway to hold a tech session later this year. 

Check out the full Calendar of Upcoming Events elsewhere in the newsletter for all the details.

A Final Pitch for our Summer Picnic. 

We are getting the use of Carl Schurz Park’s pavilion.  The rental of the pavilion is normally $150.00, but the Park will waive that fee if MBCA members bring their cars and join the Park’s German American Day Parade, August 7th.  The parade starts at noon, so you would need to be there no later than 11:30 a.m.  Older Mercedes and Cabriolets especially wanted.  I encourage you to mark August 7th on your calendar and help both Carl Schurz Park and your Section.

Remember, we are always looking for event ideas and suggestions.  Have one?  Don’t be shy; contact any board member with your thoughts or suggestions.  We can’t hold the event you want, or hold it where you want it, without your input.  Thinking about an event but unsure how to go about it?  Make it a team effort; ask one of our board members for help.

Membership Highlights

I want to welcome our new members and congratulate our members celebrating membership milestones and anniversaries during June and July.  They are all listed elsewhere in this newsletter. 

Looking for a Journey Article

We’re looking for the next story about “the journey,” how you acquired your favorite Mercedes-Benz.  Did you travel across the continent to find the perfect Benz for you, or find it sitting a barn, awaiting a new home?  Is it a vintage SL or a brand new Airstream Motorhome?  Whether it happened last week or a decade ago, if you have an interesting story about how you acquired your favorite Mercedes-Benz, we want to publish it.  Contact myself or any board member with your story.

Thank you to each and every member of the Wisconsin Section for being a member.  We couldn’t exist without your interest and participation; it’s what makes this organization successful.  New member or long-timer, I’d love to hear from you; your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  We are always looking to improve your membership experience and give you value for your member dues. 

« New! «  Upcoming Change in our Event Registration Process

In the next few weeks you will receive a notice about our new event registration platform.  The Section is moving to the motorsportreg.com platform, https://www.motorsportreg.com/ for event sign-ups where things like advance reservations, payment in advance or a waiver (think Rallye) is required.  You will be able to register, pay and sign a waiver (if needed) all in one place.

The announcement will be coming soon, watch for it!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in person an at upcoming Wisconsin Section event,

Bruce Hamilton



Wisconsin Section Wins National Communications Award

I am extremely pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Section won the MBCA's National Communications Award for year 2020.

The Section won the award in the fall of 2020, but through an ironic turn of events did not find out about it until we read about it in the May-June 2021 issue of The Star that arrived recently.  So although a little late, it’s time to highlight our accomplishment and celebrate our win.

The National Communications Award is presented to the Section judged to have the best combination of communication platforms to keep their members informed of Section activities, news and events.

We were judged to be the best of the best!  HURRAY!

I know you’re reading the Badger Star right now, but allow me to list all the ways the Wisconsin Section communicates with its members:

  • The paper copy edition of our bi-monthly newsletter, the Badger Star, is mailed to all members for whom we do not have an email address.
  • The electronic version of the Badger Star, sent at the same time as the printed versions are mailed.

You may have seen them, but in both print and electronic versions of the Badger Star we recognize new members, milestone membership anniversaries and membership anniversaries occurring during the period covered by the current edition.

  • The Section’s website, which is updated with both upcoming events and event reports as they happen.  The website also contains a link to the current edition of the Badger Star.https://wisconsin.mbca.org/
  • Via our Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/mbcawi/
  • Periodic e-mail blasts using 2 different Mailchimp platforms.
  • Up to know we’ve used a combination of Mailchimp and Google apps for sending out meeting announcements that require reservations.  We are transitioning to motorsportreg.com for this; please refer to the president’s remarks elsewhere in the newsletter.
  • We send out electronic event updates and corrections when we have to make last minute event changes due to circumstances beyond the Section’s control.
  • Finally, we try to mail out event reminder postcards for those who do not received electronic communications for whatever reasons.

The Wisconsin Section could not have won this award without the hard work of number of folks (in no particular order):  Kyle Mahan, Bailey Hansen, Dean & Nancy Pearson, Jim Loseke, and everyone who contributed an event write-up, picture or article for the Badger Star.

We expect to receive our plaque and other official notices of our Award from the MBCA National office shortly.

In the meantime, let's work to move the bar even higher!

Congratulations everyone!