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President's Message Apr - May 2021

President's Message Apr - May 2021


The April-May issue of the Badger Star always brings the beginning of the busiest part of our event calendar, and the opportunity to take your “baby” out of winter storage.  This year it’s a bit different with the remnants of the pandemic still keeping some folks at home and some events cancelled or postponed.  In spite of these challenges, your Wisconsin Section has been hard at work to both hold and plan events.  Read about our Valentine’s Drive-to-Dine and March Fish Fry elsewhere in this newsletter.

We have two new events this year, a Mystery Drive-to-Dine on May 16th and a Summer Picnic July 10th at Carl Schurz Park in Hartland.  The reservation form for the May 16th Mystery D-2-D is elsewhere in this newsletter and details on the Summer Picnic will be coming shortly.  And while Black Forest has decided not to hold their usual April tech session, efforts are underway to hold a tech session at another venue later this year. 

Check out full Calendar of Upcoming Events elsewhere in the newsletter for all the details.

Remember, we are always looking for event ideas and suggestions.  Have one?  Don’t be shy; contact any board member with your thoughts or suggestions.  We can’t hold the event you want, or hold it where you want it, without your input.  Thinking about an event but unsure how to go about it?  Make it a team effort; ask one of our board members for help.

Membership Highlights

I want to welcome our new members and congratulate our members celebrating membership milestones and anniversaries during April and May.  They are all listed elsewhere in this newsletter. 

Focus on Mercedes RV’s

Did you know that Mercedes now sells more SUVs than they do sedans and roadsters?  Yep, the GLC is the best selling model at the present, followed by the other SUV’s in the product line-up.  And the MB Sprinter is the platform of choice for many Class B and Class C motorhomes.  Be sure and read the article on the Mercedes Motorhome in this issue!

Looking for a Journey Article

We’re looking for the next story about “the journey,” how you acquired your favorite Mercedes-Benz.  Did you travel across the continent to find the perfect Benz for you, or find it sitting a barn, awaiting a new home?  Is it a vintage SL or a brand new Airstream Motorhome?  Whether it happened last week or a decade ago, if you have an interesting story about how you acquired your favorite Mercedes-Benz, we want to publish it.  Contact newsletter liaison Kyle Mahan with your story.

Thank you to each and every member of the Wisconsin Section for being a member.  We couldn’t exist without your interest and participation; it’s what makes this organization successful.  New member or long-timer, I’d love to hear from you; your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  We are always looking to improve your membership experience and give you value for your member dues. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you in person an at upcoming Wisconsin Section event,

Bruce Hamilton