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Presidents Message Dec '19 - Jan '20

Presidents Message Dec '19 - Jan '20


I open my remarks for this edition of the Badger Star by congratulating Andrew Opicka on his appointment as Chair of MBCA National’s new Social Media Committee.  In his new role, Andrew’s primary focus will be to organize and produce social media streams for the club and its membership.  Keep an eye out for more details by joining Nationals existing YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter streams.  Andrew is stepping down from his position as a member of the Wisconsin Section board to take on this much bigger responsibility.  Please join me in wishing Andrew every success in his new role!  

Mercedes-Benz Formula 1

All of you know I am a huge Formula 1 fan, and I can’t help commenting on the amazing achievements of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Petronas F1 team and driver Lewis Hamilton this year.  The AMG Petronas F1 team won their sixth Manufacturer’s Championship at the Japanese Grand Prix October 13th.  Then on November 3rd, Lewis Hamilton secured his historic sixth F1 World Driving Champion at the US Grand Prix.  Only Michael Schumacher has more world championships to his name than Lewis Hamilton.

Event Recaps

On September 28th we enjoyed a Drive-to-Dine followed by a visit to the Geneva Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show. Then we joined the Minnesota, Iowa Hawkeye and Chicagoland Sections for a Fall Color Tour October 25-27. 

The weather cooperated for our most recent event, our November 17th Drive-to-Dine at Lodge Kohler’s Taverne in the Sky, across the street from Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

A big Thank You! to Bernd & Christine Kampe for hosting the September 28th D-2-D and to Sovann Khong for hosting Taverne in the Sky.  Read the event reviews elsewhere in this newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Our last event in 2019, our Christmas Party & Annual Meeting, is just a few days away on Saturday December 14th at the Wisconsin Club in downtown Milwaukee.  Reservations are open until December 6th.  Register online at https://forms.gle/rUx5vVTAm3Tu3cwx8 or use the registration form elsewhere in this newsletter. 

As usual, we will hold our Annual Meeting at the conclusion of lunch, and the results of our 2019 Election of Directors will be announced at that time.

A final note on the Christmas Party.  Your Board of Directors decided to donate funds to a local food pantry that otherwise would be used to purchase gifts for those attending our Christmas Party.  The Board also encourages members to bring their own cash contributions to our party; those member funds will be added to the Club’s donation.  Food pantries prefer monetary donations rather than gifts of food, because the Food Panty can buy at cheaper prices than individuals.

2020 Event Planning is Underway

We are planning our 2020 event as I write these remarks.  The upcoming events calendar elsewhere in the newsletter gives tentative details of early 2020 events.  But we really need your input as we plan into the year, especially the months of May – October.

What kind of event(s) would you like to see your Club do?

Where would you like us to hold events?  The Milwaukee area, Madison, Oshkosh/Appleton, Door County?

Finally, please consider hosting an event.  It’s easy, fun, and any member who hosts an event has his or her meal paid for by the Section.  Don’t want to tackle an event by yourself?  Consider co-hosting an event with another member.

Please let us know!  We want to hear from you!  All comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome.

Where Are You??, Part 2

I’d like to continue my “Where Are You” thoughts from our last issue.  For those members who have not attended a Wisconsin Section event in the last couple of years (or longer) some questions I’d appreciate your feedback on.

Why don’t you attend Wisconsin Section events?  Is it the type of event, the location, the day and/or time?  What is keeping you away?

What could our Section be doing better?  How can we make your membership in the Wisconsin Section more valuable?

What can we do, what type of event can we offer, that will make you want to join your fellow Wisconsin Section members at an event? 

Please let me know how we can help you get more involved.  We are always looking to improve your membership experience and give you value for your member dues.  PLEASE give us your feedback!  New member or long-timer, I’d love to hear from you. 

Is Your Information Current??

Please take a few minutes and go to the MBCA national website, check your profile, and make sure all of your information is complete and up-to-date, including your e-mail address that you want to use to receive Wisconsin Section information, your regular postal mailing address and your phone number.

The Wisconsin Section relies on the roster information from MBCA's national office to send out newsletters and other Club information.  If you don't keep your profile on the National site current, we don't have any way of knowing where to send information to you.  We have no way of knowing what email or regular mailing address you want us to use unless your preferred information is included in your profile at MBCA National.

Remember, only you can update your profile information.

Don’t Forget to Buy Your Raffle Tickets!

The 2019 MBCA Fall Raffle closes December 4.  Have you purchased your raffle tickets?  First Prize is a 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE that you know would look nice in your driveway. 

Please join me in welcoming our newest members and those who have transferred to the Wisconsin Section as of November 18th

               Matt Kirchner                     Marty Challenger                 Chaz Bartucz

               Eric Schwarzenberger       Blake Griffin                         Michael McGuire

               Daniel Hamilton

I hope to meet all of you at an upcoming Wisconsin Section event.

I close these remarks on a very somber note.  Karl Ebenhoch passed away August 13th of this year.  Karl and Trudie were very long-term members of the Wisconsin Section, and were active in Section events right up to the end.  Your Wisconsin Section made a donation to Angels Grace Hospice in Karl’s honor.  Karl will be truly missed.


Bruce Hamilton

Bruce Hamilton